#DeleteFacebook: Other Social Media

By Abigail Cormier, Trending Writer

In the wake of the #deletefacebook movement, people and companies are choosing to suspend or end their ties with Facebook. Celebrities to typical users are quitting Facebook, in addition to many companies. Mozilla and Tesla are among some of the companies severing or ending their ties.

People appear to be willing to part with Facebook, or at least spend less time on the social media giant’s site. However, Instagram is still the second most popular news source and is owned by Facebook. As one Mashable article title aptly describes the sentiment “I will delete Facebook but you can pry Instagram from my cold, dead hands.” Vero briefly took off as an ad-free, non-algorithmic alternative to established social media sites. However, it then failed to maintain its momentum from prior weeks. It has dropped from the top download in the app store. Many apps undergo a surge before dropping off the app store rankings, and often it takes many months to tell if it will have a lasting impact.

The second most popular social media site is Instagram. As Facebook owns Instagram, the privacy concerns on Facebook could be extended to the social media giant’s other main site. In an article from USATODAY, the author writes “Goodbye Facebook, hello Instagram.” Even as many people enjoy Instagram for its better social media presence, there are concerns growing. In the article the author notes that Instagram admitted that about “20 million people saw news from fake Russian accounts.” As midterm elections are approaching, there is a worry that Instagram will be plagued with the same issues that caused the #deletefacebook movement to begin.

Despite the trending hashtag, no other social media sites seem as poised to take over the large following of Facebook. The only site that appears able to is Instagram, and that raises many concerns. Instagram has already been found to be rife with many fake accounts, and increasingly taken over by ads. This raises concerns to some users, however the second social media giant does not seem to be witnessing the backlash of Facebook despite being owned by the company. One article from The Ringer notes that companies owned by Facebook referring chiefly to Instagram noted that they moved: “to quietly back out of the spotlight.”


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 10th print edition.

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