Is America Becoming “Great Again”?: The Dark Side

By Daniel D’Amico, Trending Writer

In recent years, there have been various issues as a result of the Trump administration. Certain divisions within the country have arisen as a result of this. These reasons include the opposition of the Republicans and Democrats seen very much recently.

This divide has existed for as long as parties have existed, but has been seen more recently with the government shutdown. According to the Atlantic, “Republicans accused Senate Democrats of holding hostage the entire government and health insurance for millions of children over their demands for an immigration bill.” Conversely, Democrats accused the Trump administration of a failure to govern as this shutdown happened with the Republicans in control of the presidency, the Senate, and the House.

Certain negatives in society more generally have arisen as a result of the presidency. For instance, Metro highlights how acceptance of LGBTQ people has decreased under the presidency. Metro states that “31% would be uncomfortable if their child was taught by an LGBTQ person and 31% would be uncomfortable having an LGBTQ doctor.” Statistics like these have shown a slight increase this year and changing peoples’ attitudes seems to be the key to the issue.

This increasing lack of acceptanc,e shows how the social climate is negatively changing. With this comes a more general lack of trust in various institutions within the United States. This includes the government, media and various businesses, and other non-governmental organizations.

The Atlantic states that only a third of Americans trust the government to do what is right which is around a 14 percent decrease from last year. The trust in the media has gone down from around 47 percent to around 42 percent.

Despite these numbers, trust in businesses and non-governmental organizations are still more trusted nationwide than the government and media are. Even so, trust for the two have still dropped about 10 percent. This has to do a lot with the distrust between the political parties and how media is criticized for not making it their main goal to inform the public as are supposed to.

These are just a few of the issues and trends that have arisen in recent years. Many of these issues are reoccurring or have gotten worse. Looking ahead, there needs to be a change of how the government and media operate to gain the trust of the people back. In addition, a change of attitude must follow in certain cases.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, January 30th print edition.

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