Holiday Shopping: On a Lighter Note

By Daniel D’Amico, Trending Writer

With the stressful, hectic holiday shopping season upon us, there are some newer positive trends to note.

The first major trend out of these is the shift to supporting small businesses to a larger extent. This is very evident on Small Business Saturday the day after Black Friday. Started by American Express in 2010, this day is all about supporting every kind of local business.

It has been seen that supporting local businesses has many benefits to the local communities. According to Vermont Standard, by shopping local “you shape the character of our community.”

In addition, it also keeps the money locally leading to hiring local people, getting goods locally and paying local taxes. It also supports the local job market as these businesses can afford to hire more. Lastly, it can reduce the environmental damage done as there is less transportation with lower fuel and energy costs.

Metro reports that Small Business Saturday specifically “becomes a celebration for each local community, with different activities, events like pop-up markets for Etsy sellers and local bands providing a soundtrack.” It has become something much greater than a simple shopping experience or a much more hectic one as seen on Black Friday.

Aside from supporting small businesses, there are certain shopping trends that are recommended to make holiday shopping less stressful. Many of these have to do with ways to make shopping cheaper such as buying in advance or making shopping lists.

However, MSU Reporter highlights how the season is not all about expensive traditions. Instead, expensive traditions or gifts can be replaced with cheaper, memorable traditions such as a special outing. It is all about being together and while cutting gifts out of the equation may seem a little much, others will understand, especially if it is replaced with something more memorable.

In addition, while many have still been shopping in one way or another, one group of people spent their Black Friday very differently. CBS discusses how about 3,000 people in Pittsburgh spent their Black Friday packing approximately a thousand meals for the homeless. These people showed that the holiday season is truly for others more than what they wanted. It is a great alternative for the shopping that is rampant on that day.

These new trends and practices show how people are indeed coming together in one way or another. This can simply include supporting local businesses to improve the community to focusing more on the memories and not the expensive gifts. Lastly, it can include outright serving others instead of yourself on a day where many consider what they need to get.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, December 12th print edition.

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