Chinese School Teaching Women “Traditional Values” Shut Down Over Viral Outrage and Going Against “Socialist Core Values”

By Aishwarya Rai, International News Editor

On December 4, Chinese authorities shut down a school named “the Fushun School of Traditional Culture,” that aimed to make women obedient and submissive to men. Of the school’s teachings, denouncing gender equality and not fighting back against abuse were on the books. Such institutes have become more popular in recent years, according to BBC. The school also urged females to “just stay at the bottom level,” as seen in a video posted by Pear Video, and to “unconditionally obey their father, brother, and sons,” according to BBC. The school’s teachings went as far as to state that ordering take-out instead of cooking food at home will result in a loss of virtue, according to Global Times. It even taught that having sexual intercourse with more than three men would result in death.

The school was opened in 2011 and attendance had been free of charge. An employee stated that students “are always grateful” to the faculty. The Fushun education bureau shut down the school for going “against socialist core values,” though its aim was to instill “traditional values.”


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, December 12th print edition.

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