The Predatory State: Powerful Prey on Weak

By Devin Russo, Opinion Writer

It is apparent at this time that the United States has always been a state where the powerful have always preyed upon those who could not stop these actions. From the actions of presidents who invade small nations and impose their will upon those citizens in the form of mock democracy, installing puppet dictators to suppress and instill allegiance to them. To the actions of individuals seeking to do the same to another for a reason that is all too familiar to the actions of all those who hold power.  The United States is a haven of power, and those who wield it have increasingly been exposed to be abusers of what they hold.

Perhaps Acton was correct when he wrote his most famous and disturbingly accurate proclamation about the nature of power that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Perhaps there is something that ought to be taken from this that is often overlooked in modern culture. That all degrees of power stand to corrupt to the degree that equals itself. Perhaps the notions of our culture endow those who we entrust to hold such power to find a manner in which they may abuse their authority over a situation.

As it stands, those who use power to impose without justice at the heart of their action are those who least deserve to hold such power. These persons should be exposed and torn down from their posts and their fame. Perhaps it is finally time to rectify the litany of injustices that perverts our society, perhaps it is finally time which all may stand together and proclaim and actively pursue the end of abuse. End the status of the silent victim, and eradicate the predatory culture that juxtaposes itself with power.

It should be let known from the highest of towers to the lowest of valleys that silence is no longer the appropriate response. That to speak out will not be met with scorn or side-glances of doubt and intimidation, but rather that they will be met with open arms and bleeding hearts. For too long this has persisted, and finally we as a society have mustered the courage to stand in stalwart defiance. Let not the comedians laugh this off. Let not the politicians politicize matters into obscure oblivion. Let not the corporate juggernauts write this off as business as usual. Accountability for one’s actions must once again be the forefront of our judgement of all persons, and the bane to those who seek to evade such.

Let light be the disinfectant, and our persons be the steel wool. Let us stand together in condemnation and collective ostracism of those who break the new norm that has finally come to replace the predatory nature of this nation, of other nations, and of the personal nature of the individuals who reside there. Let not our histories of violence be a justification, but a reason of reflective and persistent condemnation.

If we cannot find figures to model ourselves after, let us be our own models. For while no man is perfect, no man should be allowed to be heinous. Lock arms and deny the fame, the power, and the authority of all those who break the trust of those who have placed them where they are.

Deny the Roy Moore’s, the Harvey Weinstein’s, the Bill Cosby’s; embrace those who have fallen victim to them, and stand stalwart in defiance of those who seek power to abuse it.

Let the predatory state die, let the culture be reborn anew, like a phoenix arising from ash, and let us finally raise the nature of our beings to a degree where our dearest of heroes do not become our vilest of villains.   


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 21st print edition.

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