Higher Education: International Perspective

By Spencer Mann, Assistant Trending Editor

Being from the United States, it is easy to forget the vastly different education systems that have been constructed throughout the world. While differences exist in all levels of education, focusing on universities is unique as it is generally not required of citizens around the world. Judging the international education system from an American perspective is challenging. Despite the dominance of American education in worldwide influence, many foreign nations harbor institutions of the same caliber of international impact. In fact, many advocates for education reform in the United States point to the cost advantages of higher education worldwide.

Janica Go, an international student at Seton Hall, has realized the tremendous price of education in the United States. Attending from the Philippines, Go noted the price is significantly higher. The student debt situation in the United States is no mystery. As debts continue to rise by at least a couple percentage points each year, the options of choosing to study in the United States may appear less attractive to many. Yet, that does not always stop international students from taking their studies to the States. According to the New York Times, 80 percent of graduate students in the United States moved from a foreign country. With many of the international students originating from Asia, Janica Go’s perspective on matters offers unique insight. One aspect is the function of the university outside the classroom, specifically the support services. Go mentions that her program offers much more specialization that is not offered in the Philippines noting that it “has so many aspects here and they do not offer that there.” The extra effort also trickles into the classroom in Go’s experience. She realized, “The teachers try to give you as much help as they can. It is not difficult to approach them because they really care how you do in class.” In fact, the price of American education is the “only con” that Janica Go has found in her studies at Seton Hall.

Higher education, being vastly diverse across continents, may lead some outside of domestic borders. The United States is one country that for all of its academic prestige, animosity towards the prices has increased dramatically. However, international students still manage to find value in American education that is worth the costs in addition to a long-distance relocation.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 21st print edition.

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