Sexual Assault: Here at Seton Hall

By Ethan James, Trending Writer

Schools around the nation are addressing one of the largest concerns with safety of the community. Seton Hall wished to address the concern of sexual assault and prevention of future cases through a system of informing students of the possible scenarios, providing the resources to both ensure student safety and reach out, and encouraging students to be both proactive and vigilante.

The school administration believes in the importance of educating and providing the help to minimize sexual violence. As Dean Van Norman put it, “I believe it is important that [Seton Hall] works continuously to make our community aware of the steps we can take to prevent sexual violence, the ways we can positively impact our culture, the resources we have for survivors of sexual violence, and the importance of reporting any incident of sexual violence.”

Arguably, one of the most important ways the university works to address sexual assault is through offering different programs and platforms of informing students. The online Campus Clarity ‘Think About It’ tutorial and module each and every incoming student is required to complete before the end of their first semester brings light to multiple types of sexual violence and how to recognize signs of the dangers. In addition, the play SCREAM, performed by students of Rutgers, is a part of orientation weekend, to further help students be aware of scenarios where sexual assault can occur. Seton Hall also includes the allowance of questions and answering on the topic to help students further their understanding of how to be more aware. Other programs include KNOW MORE, Take Back the Night, the Clothesline Project, amongst others that help to inform students of how to be aware, proactive, and report.

Here at Seton Hall, informing is not the only way the university proactively works to prevent sexual assault. Van Norman says, “The University cares about the safety of our students on and off campus.” And her words could not ring more true as numerous resources are provided to help assure student and community safety. From the university’s personal security department, Public Safety, comes a task force whose sole intention is to provide the safety and betterment of students. Safe Ride, SHUFLY, RAD, Security Escort services, PirateAlert, FAST, BIT, and CERT are all found within the department to help students feel safe, prevent crime, and resolve issues within the university community. Resources expand beyond Public Safety, as the CAPS and Student Services works with students to address past, present, and future concerns of students, including those who have experienced traumatic events.

Seton Hall has policies in place to prevent discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and violence against its community. Through programs that help encourage students to be informed and proactive to the actual services provided to address concerns of sexual assault, Seton Hall stands up and says NO!


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 7th print edition.

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