Saudi Intercepts Missile Aimed at Riyadh Airport

By Aishwarya Rai, International News Editor

On November 4, Saudi Arabia claimed to have intercepted a ballistic missile that was launched from Yemen.

The interception reportedly caused fragments to land in the Riyadh Airport Area, where a loud explosion was initially heard, according to the official Saudi Press Agency. The fragments landed in an “uninhabited area” and injured no one, according to Turki al-Maliki, a spokesman for the Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen.

BBC stated that a TV channel linked to Houthi rebels in Yemen claimed that the missile was fired at the King Khalid International Airport, nonetheless, air traffic in the airport was not disrupted, according to the civil aviation authority. The missile was reportedly a Burkan H2; the Houthis are suspected of having access to a stockpile of Scud ballistic missiles, according to BBC.

Although Saudi forces have dealt with Houthi missiles in the past, this has been the closest one yet.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 7th print edition.

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