NFL Trade Deadline Sees Shake-Ups

By Matt Bagdat,
Sports Business Editor

The trade deadline in the NFL tends to be the quietest among the major sports in the US. Nearly all of a team’s large moves are made during free agency in the offseason, however in the 2017 NFL season, things have been a bit different, with some big names moving on deadline day.

The first move of the deadline was the Jaguars acquiring DT Marcell Dareus from the Buffalo Bills in exchange for a sixth-round pick in the upcoming draft. Dareus, a former third overall pick back in 2011 will be joining a team that has been one of the most pleasant surprises in the league this season. He will certainly help the team’s struggling defense, and reunite with his former coach Doug Marrone. The move works for both sides, as Buffalo cleared their largest cap hit off their books.

Next came the Seahawks making a deal they had faced just two days prior. After beating the Houston Texans in a shootout, the team decided to trade for their left tackle and a fifth round pick, giving up a third-round pick and a future second-rounder. Brown is a former All-Pro and has been one of the most consistent lineman in the league for a number of years. He will certainly help keep Russell Wilson safe, as the Seahawks are looking for stability with the playoffs just around the corner.

Arguably the biggest move of the deadline was the trade that sent Jimmy Garoppolo the San Francisco 49ers.

While many anticipated that he would be the successor to Tom Brady down the road, the Patriots had other ideas, giving him up for a second round pick. This leaves the Patriots relying on Brady playing for a couple of more years, unless they choose to make a move for another successor this offseason. For the struggling 49ers, they may just have found their franchise quarterback of the future. After rumors that the team would make a push to sign Kirk Cousins this offseason, it appears they are going in a different direction, as Garoppolo offers a bright future.

While the Patriots – 49ers trade was certainly huge, what might have been the most impactful move of the deadline was between the Dolphins and Eagles. The Dolphins dealt last year’s breakout star running back Jay Ajayi to the Philadelphia Eagles for a fourth round pick. Despite his success last season, Ajayi, like the rest of the Dolphins offense, has struggled this year, with no runs over 25 yards during the season, according to ESPN.

The Eagles are hoping he can return to his 2016-self, and if he does, their offense just became even scarier. He could be the missing piece that pushes them over the top in the NFC.

Last but not least, the recharged Buffalo Bills gave their quarterback Tyrod Taylor a new weapon to work with. After trading away Sammy Watkins in August, the team finally has another number one option in Kelvin Benjamin. The former Panther led the team before being traded away, and will serve as a go-to option for Taylor. Benjamin was inactive in the team’s loss against the Jets on Thursday night, but will look to make an impact next week.

This year’s trade deadline has been one of the best in recent years. Only time will tell how the teams involved fare after their recent transactions.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 7th print edition.

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