Google Home’s New Features A Success

By Rushil Gandhi,
Technology & Innovation Writer

Within the last few months a whole host of smart home products have been launched, announced or released. The biggest one aside from Amazon’s Echo line of devices is the new Google Home.

The Google Home is a nifty little device that uses Google’s automated assistant to connect all the google services in an area or room into a technological ecosystem.

Just like Siri on Apple products, the google assistant is the main backbone upon which the Home works. The user simply says a few commands preceded by an “Ok Google” call and the Home will use all the connected devices to carry out that task. The tasks that the Home can perform range from the simple things such as a playing music or giving a weather report to extremely complex tasks such as controlling the mood lighting in a room or even changing the room temperature.

That is a very impressive variety of abilities given its $129 price point. According to the Verge, Google has also decided to add a whole host of new features to the Google home via software updates in late 2017. These new features include the ability to differentiate between voices of different people with different google accounts, a find your phone feature and an entertain kids feature that can actively engage with children by offering them fun games, science quizzes, and even storytelling abilities.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, October 24th print edition.

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