Stillman Teams Up for a Great Cause

By Virginia Wolfe,
Stillman News Writer

Seton Hall University (SHU) is positively contributing to humanity once more. The most recent undertaking of SHU making progressive impacts in communities was highlighted on September 20, 2017. An orchestrated team of three different parties worked together to build and improve homes. The team was the core result of a collaborative vision that was put into effect by the Stillman School of Business, the student chapter of Habitat for Humanity, along with Enterprise Holdings.

The vision of that build, which started a year ago, happened when specific leaders saw that at that time a change was necessary. As a result of this desire to help – Chris Fitzpatrick, an Enterprise Talent Acquisition manager, Reesa Greenwald, Director of the Career Center, Beth Branigan, a recently retired Career Center advisor, Dean Lorenzet and Dean Strawser of the Stillman School of Business – all collaborated together to take the bold steps required in order to bring such philanthropic visions into fruition.

Enterprise Holdings provided donations to Habitat for Humanity for both the last build and the previous one. The previous build, to work on a home, which was the first build, was completed in June 2017. The groups that worked to get that first build project finished were the Career Center of Seton Hall, the Doctoral and Nursing program, the student chapter of Habitat for Humanity, and Enterprise Holdings.

The two builds that have happened in 2017, have been a wonderful success. It is the aim of both Seton Hall University along with Enterprise to continue partnering together in the future – so that building will be a unified annual endeavor which shows tangible results for the benefits of others.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, September 26th print edition.

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