New Year Brings New Opportunities

By William Moore
Executive Editor

Another summer has come and gone already, and though it seems like it flew by quicker than anyone could have expected, the time has come for the school year to begin once again. With this first edition of the paper we are given the chance to take a moment to appreciate where we all stand on our personal journeys.
For Seniors returning this fall, it is a time of looking ahead to the future and making plans for what will come after graduation while still savoring the college experience for one more year. Sophomores and Juniors return to the campus that they have known and loved for some time now, ready expand upon what they’ve been building in their college careers already. For the freshmen on campus, now is a particularly special time – the beginning of a period in life that is truly unlike any other, when new friendships will be made, and much personal and academic growth will be done.
For me personally, I am pleased to announce that this fall marks the beginning of my tenure as Executive Editor of the esteemed Stillman Exchange (a publication that I’m sure you all hold close – as you read these very words, in fact). With my incredibly talented team of editors, and all of the dedicated faculty who support us, I look forward to building on the excellent work of my predecessors, Dominique Fortes and Leigha Wentz, to take the paper to new heights.
I hope that you too are looking forward to the exciting opportunities that lie before you in the year to come, whatever they may be. It’s a wonderful thing to have a road full of opportunity before you – I wish you the best of luck in seizing upon it.



William Moore


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