Data Breach May Affect Millions

By Enerd Pani,
Technology & Innovation Writer

Equifax, a credit reporting and information company, has recently suffered a data breach which may compromise the personal information of over 143 million individuals within consumer credit. Despite the situation being disclosed recently, the leak had been discovered during July 29th.
Equifax is currently working in conjunction with various authorities at both the state and federal level to mitigate any further risk or likelihood of information exploitation. Currently many individuals who access varies internet sites and given personal information to banks may be put at risk as a result of the data being open sourced and available to many entities.
To aid in those who have been negatively compromised, Equifax has taken steps to enroll numerous individuals into the TrustedID program which is free of charge. The service, which is operated by Equifax, provides services such as giving credit report and access and abilities to freeze Equifax credit report.
Three Equifax executives had liquidated shares within the company in the days after the breach was discovered. Equifax has subsequently filed a statement stating that the breach had no bearing on the executives selling their shares.
The data breach has created a business intelligence nightmare which will require a great deal of effort to keep the vast of majority of credit holders safe.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, September 12th print edition.

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