New Technology: Past Reflections

By Daniel D’Amico, Trending Writer

The world is constantly changing with the growth of technology, but people often forget how different the world was before internet or smartphones. However, certain old technologies are making a comeback into modern society despite all the new advances.

There were many things that previous generations had to do that we could not fathom nowadays. Sowetan Live highlights a few of these things such as: relying on books for information, printing photos, public phones and handwritten letters. In addition, the loss of patience is also highlighted as people today are used to getting quick deliveries and responses.

An article in Seventeen goes even further and looks at more of the day to day activities that people experienced. For instance, the convenience of planning ahead via text is not a luxury they had. To get in contact with people they had to call them or just meet them in person. In addition, people had to see their favorite performers in person to hear them perform and purchase the newest CD/Vinyl/Cassette Tapes.

In addition, there was no “binge watching” and television shows had to be viewed when they aired. Quick, online shopping did not exist and so, people were used to waiting up to a month for their packages.

Despite all the new technologies that exist, certain older technologies have been resurfacing lately. Express highlights how older versions of Fax Machines and Typewriters have been used more often due to the fact that they can better avoid surveillance. In addition, one can proofread without autocorrect changing what was originally written.

Some of the vintage technologies that are back today include vinyl, cassettes, Polaroids, and flip phones. These are popular because they are thought to be more practical and better quality than some of the alternatives. More and more artists have been returning to vinyl and cassettes in addition to CDs as the demand for them has been rising. Similarly, Polaroids are very popular due to how they are viewed as vintage and how no one can steal the pictures taken.

While our way of life is drastically different than even compared to ten years ago, it is always important to look at the ways things were. This is especially true with all the older technologies resurfacing due to their practicality.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, September 26th print edition.

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