Battle of the Smartphones: The Dark Side

By Brooke Harrington, Trending Writer

We have reached the month of September, which now has a new meaning in the digital age. The fall season is the time when Samsung and Apple release their new phones. But this year, smartphone customers may feel some apprehension in buying into the latest trends, as new smartphone prices are leaning toward $1,000. Samsung’s Note 8 starts at $930, and analysts now speculate that the 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone could have an even higher price tag.

Why do the prices keep increasing? Some of it is because these smartphones are accomplishing more, and carrying more technology than ever before. As people are becoming more and more reliant on smartphones to be their go-to for Web browsing and making phone calls, companies have to keep up with the latest software to appeal to these needs. To make something that meets the new smartphone standard, something that is portable, multifaceted, and has enough battery life to do all the things people expect, companies need to spend the money, which ultimately leads to the phones being extremely expensive.

These companies are attempting to justify these outrageous prices by marketing their smartphone’s new features. The Note 8’s 6.3-inch edge-to-edge screen is the new main feature for Samsung, while Apple is presenting the new OLED screen, facial recognition technology, and wireless charging in the iPhone. Although these prices may drop some people’s jaws, it is no surprise to Apple and Samsung that people will buy these phones anyway. After all, these customers are waiting for the Mercedes Benz of the smartphone, not the Chevy.

Both Apple and Samsung know they are looking at markets where people have been waiting to upgrade for a while. Many people, like myself, are looking to get their hands on something brand new, no matter the dent it leaves in their pocket. Still, knowing why these phones are so expensive does not exactly help with the realities of paying for it. Seeing these phones hit the $1000 dollar mark will leave many people with a bad taste in their mouths. Samsung and Apple can believe their elitist marketing campaigns will leave them at the top, but I am sure that as long as these prices continue to go up people will begin to turn their backs on the smartphone war rivals.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, September 12th print edition.

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