Battle of the Smartphones: On a Lighter Note

By Daniel D’Amico, Trending Writer

While the debate over phone usage goes back and forth, it
cannot be denied that there are a number of benefits. With that, each
major phone brand has its positives as well. Some of these advantages show how cell phones can be useful while others are simply a plus to help them stand out from competitors.

An article in Techwalla highlights one crucial benefit stating, “Through the use of cell phones, keeping in touch with one another is as simple as pushing a button.” This is probably the one benefit that stands out the most as this feature makes it easy to contact people anytime or anywhere via phone call or text message. Aside from this, there is the matter of safety with cell phones. The cell phone can allow parents to contact their children as well as act as a GPS for anyone when traveling.

Apple is one of the most popular cell phone brands right now with the iPhone. According to V3, the iPhone is quicker and easier to use than other brands and Apple has kept this consistent. Aside from this, the support and easy integration with other Apple products make it stand out. Lastly, the iPhone boasts slim screen sizes, a multitude of apps, smooth upgrades, and high security.

Samsung also has features that it boasts over other brands. While Apple is widely known for easy use, an article on LinkedIn highlights the Samsung Galaxy’s easy to use interface with voice control and motion gestures. The two other key components of the Galaxy include great camera quality, many options for adequate storage, and long lasting battery life.

However, more recently Google has released the Pixel and rose above other brands in   certain areas. According to Android Police, one critical distinction lies within the overall camera usage. This lies in the speed, brightness control, and unlimited storage with Google Photos. In addition, while certain carriers can only be used in certain areas, the Pixel can be used virtually anywhere. Another feature is its consistent speed. While it is not necessarily the fastest, it does not slow down after a while of usage like other well-known brands might do.

There are most certainly pros and cons to cell phone usage. However, if they are not abused and are used in moderation, they can yield a large variety of benefits. There is also a constant struggle between various brands, chiefly Apple, Samsung, and Google among others. Brands are all constantly upgrading their devices to compete with one another, therefore what one brand has over the other may come to change.


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, September 12th print edition.

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