Product Review: Samsung Note 7 and Samsung Note 7 Plus

By Deniz Yalcin,
Technology & Innovation Writer

It has been a tough year for Samsung; with an exploding Note 7 and multiple PR problems.   Samsung’s greatest challenge now is to create a brand new, unlike any other, exciting phone that does not catch fire.  The first topic Samsung talked about at their announcement was their dedication to safety and their new 8-Point Battery Safety Check.
After the announcement (with multiple identical leaks months before), we all knew what it looked like. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a curved edge to edge screen with ridiculously small bezels on the top. They call this display technology an “Infinity Display.”  This phone is has a full glass back and not even a home button (similar to what is embedded in the screen of the iPhone 7 and 7 plus). The S8 and S8 Plus fits a 6.2-inch screen in the form factor of an iPhone 7 Plus which is only 5.5 inches. Bigger is better when it comes to phones, and people love the feeling of just holding a screen and not a phone.

So, what is wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S8? Well pretty much nothing except for two major issues: the fingerprint scanner and the camera. Since there is no home button on the front of the phone, Samsung decide put the new fingerprint scanner on the back, right next to the camera lens. . Samsung improved the speed and efficiency of the hardware inside. It will definitely be a great contender to the upcoming iPhone this September or October. As long as it does not have an exploding battery again.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 print edition.

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