Innovations and Upgrades: The Development of Robotic Programming

By Enerd Pani,
Technology & Innovation Writer

The growing development of machinations has led to a surge in robotic programing that can provide large amounts of utility in both the public and private sectors. Robotic innovation has led to development in many fields such as farming and transportation of goods. One such example is the a new robot called TARZAN which swings and is suspended above crops to ensure that crops are properly taken care of and in good health. Innovations such as this would allow for greater efficiency in farming and could increase the yield of crops that are produced in yearly intervals. The technology will first be used for soybean plants but could be programmed to ensure the quality of many other different types of crops.

In addition, the growth of robots has led to a greater increase in delivery services becoming automated. Robot company Marble, has increasingly been using automated robots for the purpose of delivering food to customers. The project includes alumni from both Google and Apple and ensures the easy transfer of food which the company wishes they can expand upon to further locations. They are in completion with Starship Technologies and Dispatch who are both including automated delivery systems. One can dream that this competition can foster greater innovation.

Most experts agree that it is a long way before a robot can truly be fitted with actual AI awareness to undertake tasks. Still, the degree of commands that can be administered and tweaked to offer a truly helpful machine has become incredibly versatile. From being able to navigate street corners safely to providing value and convenience to various people, one can’t help but agree that robotic technology has a place within the future and one can only guess on what that future must hold.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 print edition.

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