Bill Gross Makes 81 Million Dollar Settlement with PIMCO

By Enerd Pani,
Money and Investing Writer

Bill Gross has just settled an 81-million-dollar lawsuit with the investment company Pacific Investment Management Company, or PIMCO, whom he was formerly affiliated with. The settlement had been the culmination of a legal battle that has existed almost two years between PIMCO and Mr. Gross.

Gross previously alleged that the company had underwent a wrongful dismissal on his behalf that went against the concept of fair dealing. The effect on Gross’s personal loss had been very large with him stating he lost 200 million dollars from the termination.

Bill Gross had previously managed PIMCO’s Total Return Bond Fund which contained a total amount of $292 Billion dollars in assets.

After his dismissal, he had accused the company of attempting to replace him and for going back on a unilateral agreement where he would remain in PIMCO’s California based office located within New Port Beach.

When asked about his intentions he had for the company, Gross stated he wished to “move on to smaller funds within the company but disagreements arose over Gross’s previous place within the company. It didn’t seem to work for them and I always wondered why,” Gross had said when he had been previously separated from the company.

Gross’s exit had caused his previous company to experience a loss of assets which had dipped to 1.47 trillion dollars from a high level of over 2 trillion dollars.

PIMCO has been experiencing various cash outflows as a result of the brief financial turmoil associated with Bill Gross’s absence. However, the company has been experiencing a return to form through projects such as PIMCO’s income fund which increased 8.7 percent last year. Despite the previous events, Bill Gross states he does not harbor any ill will against his former company.

The money attained from the settlement will be allocated to various charities and other philanthropic efforts of which Gross donated an addition $20,000 million dollars from his own personal fortune. Currently Gross has put his efforts into various other companies after his absence from PIMCO.

After PIMCO discharged Gross, Gross created a grief, albeit important partnership with DoubleLine Capital. DoubleLine had received its highest month of inflows under its association with gross who was managing bond market mutual funds. Gross later decided to join Janus Capital where he created the Global Unconstrained Bond Fund. Janus’s shares rose 30 percent as a result of Gross joining the company.

Gross currently manages roughly 2 billion dollars in assets for the company, which may be considered incredibly lucrative despite the relatively meager comparison to similar cumulative assets he managed as part of the Pacific Investment Management Company.
Currently PIMCO has listed Gross as a retired director emeritus who may function as an honorary advisor. PIMCO has also created a place for Gross within its founder’s room to designate his various contributions to the company while also establishing a “Bill Gross” award to denote Gross’s commitment to charitable actions and functions.

Gross later had thanked PIMCO’s recognition for his various achievements and believes they are in “capable hands” under current management.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 print edition.

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