Two Arrested in Connection with Ohio Club Shooting

By Dhara Patel, National News Writer

Last weekend, Ohio was once again terrorized by a gun shooting. The shooting occurred at a club called Cameo, formerly a gay bar called Adonis. Cameo Nightclub is not new to gun violence. A shooting occurred on New Year’s Day in 2015 and another happened in the parking lot of the business in September 2015. In early 2016 alone, cops were called to the club more than a hundred times due to weapon violence and fights. It is estimated that there were around 200 people inside the club when the incident occurred.

Last Thursday, CNN reported that Cornell Beckley was arrested for the shooting. The other accomplice is Deondre Davis who is in critical condition after being shot. Both are facing a murder charge. Police Chief Eliot Isaac says more charges will be added. The aftermath of this horrific event lead to one person killed and 15 injured. The man killed was identified as O’Bryan Spikes.

Police theorize that the gun shooting ensued after a dispute in the club led to a fight. This fight allowed club-goers to sneak in guns and shooting, defining it as a gun battle. More than 20 shots were fired though police found only 16 shell casings. Police suspect that three guns were snuck in however, it was not an act of terrorism.

Once the shooting occurred, patrons were fleeing the scene thus hindering the rescue teams from efficiently doing their jobs. One of the 9-1-1 callers left the chaotic scene with a gunshot victim in the passenger seat. Another caller screamed, “Hurry up! Hurry up… there is blood everywhere.” At the scene of the crime, there were four off-duty police officers at the nightclub that were quick to assist victims when the shooting broke out. The cops were helping with parking lot security which is something they usually do for clubs with liquor licenses.

According to WCPO, in 2008, Beckley served time for aggravated assault. A few weeks ago, Davis pleaded guilty to a criminal damage; there was property damage at AT&T over a billing issue. Davis’s family is in shock that he would commit such an act. Jackie Davis, Deondre Davis’s dad said, “We were so excited that they had someone, and to see my son’s face come across was devastating.” Older Davis described his son as “nice” and “a well-rounded kid.” Younger Davis is the father of five children. The Davis family does not believe that their son was involved in the shooting.

The judge ordered a $1.7 million bond for Beckley; $100,000 for each life threatened or taken. During a public news conference, Mayor John Cranely stated, “The vast majority of people shot in this incident were innocent bystanders.” The crime scene was left with a bloody mess. Since there are many nuances to be taken into consideration during this investigation, the police are finding it hard to definitively give an answer to the public. Currently, this is still an ongoing investigation. The police believe there were more people involved ergo they are still directing interview and assembling more evidence. Given the club’s infamous bout with gun violence, the club has been permanently closed since March 31, 2017.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 4th print edition.

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