Healthy Lifestyle and Environment: The Dark Side

By Laura Colantonio, Trending Editor

Healthy lifestyle has been redefined over these past couple years, especially from something as simple as eating fresh foods, with smart portions, and remaining active. Today, how healthy an individual is often compared to where the food comes from, farm or factory. People are much more health conscious these days and businesses are doing their best to accommodate the desire for more nutritious food and awareness by having all dietary information easily accessible.

Healthy lifestyle is not individualistic anymore. Sure, it is personal to a certain extent, but it has become more about belief in what is the best lifestyle to live for the environment as well. Sometimes knowing how things are made is the deal breaker in how consumers choose to buy products, whether it be food, clothing, cars, or anything else.

Companies are put in difficult situations, especially when environmental issues and regulations force them to change equipment and procedures to meet standards. While some appeal to the change, others are more reluctant, as costs to make such changes can be expensive and on occasion, unaffordable.

Among individuals who may play a huge part in environmental policies in years to come is President Donald Trump. Unfortunately, his agenda is not seemingly in favor of encouraging healthy approaches to the environment. Starting at his disbelief in global warming, Trump may pull the United States out of the landmark Paris agreement, one that combats climate change, along with removing or making other regulations less strict. Also, another concern that has been brought to attention is that Scott Pruitt, chosen by Trump to lead the EPA, has not decided to commit to auto emission standards, which usually would help control greenhouse gas emissions. Although Trump’s environmental policy approaches are taken with positive intentions, many are still concerned on whether he will ‘undo’ a lot of the progress made by former President Barrack Obama and allow exposure our environment to too many dirty fuels.

Time will only tell how detrimental the repercussions of such executive decisions will make, but all we can hope for is that businesses and individuals do their part to move forward with their agendas that better the environment, no matter the external decisions made in government.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 4th print edition.

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