Healthy Lifestyle and Environment: On a Lighter Note

By Daniel D’Amico, Trending Writer

Recently, consumers have changed their ideas of what is healthy. With these new ideas come healthier eating habits. The food industry has reacted by changing their menus appropriately. There are a certain number of trends that show how people are leading towards a healthier, more beneficial lifestyle.

Many have changed their eating habits to include healthier diets and also their definition of what defines healthy. New Hope Network discusses how half of consumers express how low salt, low fat and low sugar clearly signal health, but detract from the taste of food. However, foods with a serving of fruit or vegetables, or 100 percent whole wheat highlight health on the menu and enhance taste.

This shift in ideas has led to certain trends growing in prominence. Alternet states, “We’ve become a lot more interested in how our food impacts our health, the environment, animals and the workers who produce.” Locavorism entails eating food produced in a 100 mile radius. This results in fresher food and less energy spent on travel. The increase in wholesome foods such as fruits, vegetables and nuts and in plant eating show a clear interest in healthier options.

In addition, certain hot sauces and spices have grown in popularity as they can reduce the risk of heart problems and alleviate stress.

There have been efforts to change consumer’s perceptions of “ugly produce.” This includes produce that does not look appealing, but is perfectly fine. One attempted solution to this has been to deliver this produce directly to people.

There has also been a push to change how foods are produced and under what conditions. This includes the push for no Genetically Modified Organisms in foods. Awareness has grown about the inhumane treatment of hens when sourcing eggs and certain farmers. Many companies have pledged to stop this treatment of hens and many of the workers under slave like conditions have been liberated.

The food industry has made efforts to respond to these changes accordingly. According to the Marlin Business Finance Resource Center, fast food has always prioritized being quick, affordable and tasty. However, they have shifted to offering healthier options. For instance, Chick-Fil-A has healthier sides and multigrain buns, McDonalds sports their “Favorites under 400” and Wendy’s introduced a new line of salads. As far as other restaurants go, they have added calorie counts, portion sizes and healthier substitutions.

Consumers have shown a clear shift in how they view what is healthy and with this came many new trends. The food industry recognized these new trends and tried to respond to them, offering healthier options. These have shown the clear benefit on society of being more health conscious.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 4th print edition.

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