PirateThon Successful Once More!

By Amanda Sulkosky,
Stillman News Writer
Imagine being along friends and dancing all night. Meeting new people and seeing some athletes strut their stuff down a catwalk.

That is just a few of the things that occurred at the Fifth Annual PirateThon on Saturday, March 18 starting at 2 p.m.

PirateThon is a 12-hour dance marathon to benefit the children of The Valerie Fund, who have cancer and blood disorders. The Valerie Fund provides health care and support for the children and their families.

This year there were 15 teams participating in the event. Those teams include Alpha Sigma Tau, AOII, APO ADP, Aquinas Hall, FLASH DT, Leadership Development Honors Program, Pirates for Life, Pretty Sharp, SHU Men’s XC, SHU Volleyball, SHU Women’s Soccer, Student Alumni Association, Student Government Association, TORA, and ZTA.

The event occurred at the Seton Hall University Center Main Lounge, and went from 2 p.m. on Saturday until 2 a.m. on Sunday. PirateThon was open to all members of the Seton Hall community, including students, alumni and faculty. Even though PirateThon is a 12-hour dance marathon, there was much more to do besides dancing.

There was entertainment, live music, fun activities with prizes, and food provided in order to make the experience fun and enjoyable for all.

As far as activities go, there was blackout hour, Disney hour, karaoke, a limbo competition, spike ball tournament, water pong, pie games, a hula-hoop contest, freeze dancing, and a raffle every hour.

The raffle prizes included donations from Starbucks, Cold Stone, Village Trattoria, Above, Smarties, Wawa, Pandang, and Reservoir Restaurant.

Entertainment included an athlete fashion show, a Pretty Sharp performance, and a performance by Stillman sophomore Michael Cappelluti as well.

Not only was PirateThon a great way to catch up with friends, or even meet new people, but all donations greatly benefitted the children of The Valerie Fund.

The organizers ended raising a lot of money for the cause, which will immediately help children in need.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, March 21st, 2017 print edition.

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