Full Time Job Search Tips from the Career Advisors

To: Seniors@shu.edu

From: CareerCenter@shu.edu

Subject: Full Time Job Search Tips

Date: March 2017

Graduation is fast approaching and students often ask; “When should I start looking for a  full time job?”  The answer is… NOW.

* Identify your target companies and industries

* Check job aggregators and create alerts so new opportunities are sent directly to your email Check out social media such as LinkedIn for the latest job postings

* Use LinkedIn and Career Shift to find SHU alums and start networking

* Join a professional association in your industry and attend events

We polled the team at The Career Center’s for their #1 tips on conducting a complete job search, and it’s not surprising that networking came up as the most important element.

“Ask your faculty to connect you with alumni or professionals in the field, because they can be a powerful resource and stepping-stone to your first interview or job. It’s about who you know.” 

-Jacqueline Maginnis, Assistant Director

“Don’t pass up employment opportunities that don’t seem to fit directly with your ideal position… all jobs will lead you to future prospects and connections.” 

-Nancy Borkowski, Senior Assistant Director

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Start your full time job search now. Students may find it takes longer than they’re expecting to land a job. Be patient with the process.”

–Rebecca Grub-Venancio, Assistant Director

“Network early and often. Keep an open mind and take advantage of every opportunity. Meet as many professional people as you can and understand the value of meeting people face to face.”

-Reesa Greenwald, Director

“Be sure to conduct a full campaign, which includes not only online job databases, but networking with SHU alumni.  You have to get out from behind the screen and meet people face to face to get to the best positions.” 

-Beth Randall Branigan, Associate Director

“Understand and research the company you are applying to and be as relevant as possible; translate your experiences to the skills they are seeking.” 

-Bob Franco, Senior Assistant Director

“Be persistent, search regularly, follow-up on your applications, and network, network, network!” 

-Gina Aloe, Assistant Director

“The students that have the most success are the ones that have a plan, take the first step in outreach, utilize multiple reactive and proactive search techniques and give themselves time.”

-Justin Krass, Assistant Director

Want more information on networking? Go to your Navigator home page and click on the networking tips to get to invaluable tools to help you make the most out of networking.

Need more insight into how to land a job? Stop by the Career Center, 209 Bayley Hall to schedule some time or call us at 973-761-9355. If you are taking a summer break or haven’t landed by the time fall rolls around, be sure to attend our Fall 2017 Career Fair– a great opportunity to network and make new connections!

Seniors – REMEMBER as an alum, you are entitled to unlimited services the year after graduation, so please come visit, and don’t forget to let us know where you land!

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, March 21st print edition.

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