Business Culture: International Perspective

By Nicholas Perugini, Trending Writer

China is the world’s second largest economy. Their economic influence reaches markets around the world from the United Sates all the way to Kenya. Japan follows China as the third largest economy, with many Japanese companies being household names in the United States and Europe. The economic might and influence from these countries has a profound impact of the world economy. Businesses from around the world invest, trade, and co-operate with these Asian countries. Globalization has truly transformed the way people do business. It is important to understand business culture from around the world because it helps people recognizing how we can all work together.

China’s economic influence is felt worldwide. Chinese companies do business is east Africa, Europe, and the southern pacific. Perhaps the most important business co-operation in the world is between the United States and China. These two economies are so integrated that business deals between the two cultures are important for the world economy. Since China is a communist country, their business culture is different from the United States. China has a more collectivist society. This means that they make decisions based on how it not only affects them, but their family, colleagues, friends, and other members of their society. Communication in Chinese business settings are also more indirect and subtle than in America, which has a more direct way of communicating. Though people in Chinese businesses are less direct with communication, they do integrate their lives with their work more. The co-worker bond in Chinese companies is much stronger and personal than the relationship between American co-workers. Chinese culture is similar to other Asian business cultures.

Sony, Toyota, Cannon, and Konami are just some of the many Japanese companies that have become integrated in American life. It is interesting to see how these companies in Japan have a different work environment that Americans. In the United States, business decisions are made very quickly and the forward thinking of employees is often rewarded and encouraged. In Japan, business decisions are very thought out. Japanese businesses hold more meetings and have more documentation when a company has to take action. In Japanese business culture, people tend to take safer decisions and avoid risk. Japanese business culture is also similar to Chinese culture where they put emphasis on group effort and the need for the whole team to be informed and involved.

The world is a very large place, with many cultures and principals. Thanks to globalization business around the world deal together on a daily basis. It is important to see the many differences in culture so we can get a better understanding of each other.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, March 21st print edition.

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