Gerald P. Buccino ’63 Center for Leadership Development Ranked #1 for Third Consecutive Year

By Andrew Aguilera
Stillman News Editor

On Wednesday, February 8, the Gerald P. Buccino ’63 Center for Leadership Development ranked first for the third consecutive year in the LEAD Awards for the number one Certificate Program with Emphasis on Leadership/Organizational Development. Director Michael Reuter accepted the award at the LEAD 2017 forum held in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to their website, the LEAD Awards “celebrate organizations globally that have the best use of or the best internally created leadership development programs, as well as colleges/universities who provide great leadership/HR development programs at all levels”.

Each year hundreds of organizations and colleges apply for recognition by
After a thoughtful review of the applications by’s leadership, recipients are selected. Since Reuter’s start as director, he has always envisioned taking the leadership program to national recognition.

This year, the program was ranked first for a third consecutive year among colleges that apply across the world, which is a testament to all of the hard work of the program’s various stakeholders – the program’s benefactor: Gerald P. Buccino, the Dean of the Stillman School of Business: Joyce Strawser, faculty, students, alumni, executive council, and the Stillman School of Business.

This accomplishment reflects the tremendous growth of the program in past years and efforts of all those involved.

Junior Andrew Hustick, a finance and information technology dual major, praises the leadership program for shaping him into the person he is today: “Receiving the #1 ranking for the third year in a row is something I am very proud to be a part of. I think that it is truly a testament to all of the work that the students put in day in and day out to consistently improve the program.”

Hustick continued saying, “In addition to all of the work the students put in, we would not be where we are today without our director, Michael Reuter. Mike supports each and every student, is the first one in the building in the morning, and the last person to leave at night. He is a true representation of what a great leader is, and inspires all of us to be the best individuals we can be.”

The program prides itself on the experiential learning that often cannot be attained in the classroom.

In the curriculum, students are put in situations where they must solve problems without much guidance.

The experiences prepare the students for what they will likely face in the business world.

Perhaps the most unique aspect about the program is the Junior Mentoring Project, where students are paired with executive mentors to work one-on-one on a project of their choosing.

The idea behind the mentoring project is to develop a relationship with a senior executive, learn from their experiences, and have an impactful learning experience.

For years, the program’s senior classes have had a 100% placement rate. In the Class of 2016, students went on to work at IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte, Google, and other phenomenal organizations.

The program’s distinguished alumni have achieved success in various ways.
Kristine Mamanta ’15 completed six internships during her time at Seton Hall, while being largely involved with the leadership program.

Furthermore, at the 2016 Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame Dinner, junior Ryan Skolnick, was awarded the 2016 Emerging Entrepreneur Award.

These are just two of the countless success stories in the program’s history.

Freshman Cristina Hill, majoring in information technology and finance said, “The program has not only prepared me for my future career, but provided me with my friends now and for the future. I am forever thankful for Mike Reuter and the rest of the team for being my family.”

Director Michael Reuter captured the excitement of the accomplishment when informing his team, council, and alumni saying, “This is an outstanding, unprecedented accomplishment that shows our underlying support and caring for one another and the program. Let us enjoy this moment and cheers, until next year!”


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 print edition.

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