WLP Hosts Panel Discussion

By Amanda Sulkosky,
Stillman News Writer
The Stillman Women’s Leadership Program had their annual panel discussion on Wednesday, January 25 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Chancellor’s Suite, University Center. This event was sponsored by the Stillman Program as well as Financial Women’s Association, Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute, and Women of Diplomacy Leadership Program.

The topic was “Confidence is Key: Developing Confidence Among Millennial Women.” The panelists included Cathy Choi, President at Bulbrite; Jennifer Cvetkovski, SVP of Citibank; Valerie Mauriello, VP at Prudential Financial; and Rita Mitjans, Chief Diversity & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at ADP.

The moderator was Cynthia McGovern, CEO at Orange Leaf Consulting.

Throughout the night, many pieces of advice swirled around the room. The diverse panelists helped give different insights into the topic of confidence. One of the first pieces of advice was to stop using the word “nice.” This is due to the fact that the word “nice” has too many meanings that are not descriptive of the quality of work that one could produce.

When it comes to seeing a difference between the confidences of different generations, the panelists said it is clear.

Differences can be seen in the way that people dress, engage in meetings, and the overall ability to try new things.

Part of being confident involves showcasing one’s personality. This should not occur in an obnoxious way however.

To make a point, Cathy Choi told a story about how her mentee told her that she was wearing a black suit to an interview; however, that was not her usual style. Choi recommended that she wore her favorite color, which happened to be red, in order to showcase that in the interview.

If one is in a situation when confidence begins to waver, it is important to think differently. In order to regain confidence, it is important to realize that the people around are not against one’s success but are instead supporting it.

One way to help develop confidence is by having a mentor, but gaining a mentor could be the tricky part.

One should not go to a potential mentor and just ask, “Can you be my mentor?” So instead, ask to grab a cup of coffee or for lunch. It is important to get to know that person first, in order to realize if there is a connection or not. While confidence can be a tricky thing, remember that everyone has a problem with it from one time to another.

Keep in mind to be confident, but do not take it as far as though people see cockiness.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, February 7th print edition.

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