Amazon Alexa May Snitch on You for Ditching Class

By Tamanna Desai
Technology & Innovation Editor
The possibility of you being ratted out to your parents is increasing at a faster rate than you could ever expect. The Amazon Alexa might even beat your brother, sister or teacher in telling your parents or guardians that you failed your Intermediate Two Accounting midterm or neglected to turn your Christianity in Culture and Dialogue paper in on time.

Amazon’s most innovative product, Amazon Alexa, has been dominating the artificial intelligence market ever since it was presented to the public. Amazon Alexa is helping many Americans easily transition their house into a smart home.

As of right now she currently has the ability to turn on and off appliances, set reminders and timers, work as a Bluetooth speaker and answer any questions you might have.

However, with the invention of Wordsmith, Alexa may now have the ability to be not only your personal assistant but also be your detective in one. Wordsmith turns data and statistics and uses them to create sentences and add personality to the robot. The Amazon Alexa, also known as the Amazon Echo which is the name of the hardware, is one of a kind smart robot industry.

According to, Katrina Mills who works for retailer John Lewis said, “The reality of the UK market at the moment is that Alexa is the only device that is really available… some of its main rivals like Google Home haven’t launched in the UK yet. It’s probably safe to say that it’s not that they’re winning, it’s that they’re the only credible option in the UK at the moment.”

In order to keep up with the market, many home appliance manufacturers are integrating Amazon’s Alex into their new devices. The future of artificial intelligence in the eyes of the everyday consumer seems so far to be able to control everything via a voice automation service such as Alexa. This includes but is not limited to your car and the different activities that voice automation could perform such as changing the temperature, changing radio stations, defrosting the car, etc.

On the other hand, this increased acceptance of artificial intelligence assisting our lives comes with a small price that is on the back of everyone’s mind: security. Artificial intelligence is getting smarter and that may cause concern for how it could take over our daily lives and how easily accessible it could be for hackers to access the device that assists us with everything. For now, consumers are just fascinated how a voice-controlled device can do so much.

Along with our daily assistance, new technologies such as PowerSchool may revolutionize the way education operates and fill the gaps in academic deficiencies among students of all grade levels. According to, “PowerSchool – which provides software for schools to organize attendance, testing and grades – can take its data and make it immediately accessible to parents through the Echo, instead of an app or website.” This could help working parents be involved in their child’s schooling without having to actually meet with the teacher in one-on-one conferences like they used to.

Watching how Amazon Alexa takes over  and how Amazon’s competitors retaliate will be very interesting. For now, just hope that your parents do not become too fascinated with Amazon Alexa for a while and learn how to operate it while you are away at college.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, February 7th print edition.

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