Mayweather, McGregor in talks for Super Fight

By Matt Bagdat,
Sports Business Editor

Floyd Mayweather is currently the biggest name in boxing, while Conor McGregor is the biggest name in Mixed Martial Arts. While the two do not compete in the same sport, and Mayweather recently retired, the possibility of a matchup has been discussed for a long time. Despite Mayweather’s recent retirement from boxing with a 49-0 record, those talks are becoming more realistic than ever, as multiple offers have been made.

UFC President Dana White recently offered each party $25 million each to make the fight happen. Despite this being a high amount of money, Mayweather laughed at White, claiming it was too low, further complicating negotiations. According to Fox Sports, Mayweather called White a “comedian” for “low balling him” with the offer. In his last fight against Andre Berto, Mayweather earned $32 million, according to Forbes. He also had 12 straight fights of at least $25 million in pay per view.

The two have gone back and forth with each other, with White being on the attacking side. “For him to think that he’s a much bigger star than Conor isn’t true. I’m not going to pay him way more than I’m going to pay my guy. We all know $25 million isn’t peanuts and so does he. When you’re wearing a watch that’s $250,000, you’re going to need $25 million real quick, pal. Hey Floyd, taxes are coming up too, buddy. The IRS is going to be all over you pal” (Fox Sports). McGregor

While Mayweather makes more in his fights, McGregor reigns supreme in pay-per-view. In his last fight against Eddie Alvarez, he sold 1.3 million views. In comparison, Mayweather’s last fight against Andre Berto was nearly a million less.
Mayweather is in the hunt for more money, while McGregor simply wants the fight to happen. He is willing to learn the rules of boxing in order to make it happen. However, if the fight between Mayweather does not work out, McGregor may have another option: Manny Pacquiao. Despite interest, Pacquiao also wants more money than what is being offered. Money is certainly an obstacle, but if the two sides could come to an agreement, it would make for one epic fight.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, January 24th print edition.

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