Student Horror Stories

Stories of Professional Experiences Gone Horribly Wrong

On the first day of my job, one of my supervisors asked me to mail a package for her just as she was leaving. I did as she asked, dropped the package off at the nearest mailroom and left for the night. About a week later, she walked out to see me and asked if I had mailed the package like she asked. I said yes, which prompted her to drop a box onto my desk. Turns out, she never actually gave me a different address for the package, so I ended up mailing her box back to her. I have to wonder what the mailman thought.

-Return to sender

I had an interview in the city early on a Friday morning last winter. It was freezing, and I had to walk the last few blocks  in heels. By the time I got to the building, I was five minutes late and I hurried through the front door to look for the man’s office. Only, he wasn’t in his office. He didn’t get to his office for another twenty minutes, actually. At least I still got the job.

-I’m late, I’m late

If you would like to see your story featured in The Stillman Exchange, feel free to reach out to either of the executive editors:

Dominique Fortes

Leigha Wentz

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, January 24th print edition.

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