Seton Hall Open House and You: Influencing the Future

By Matthew O’Toole, Opinion Writer

Open house is, in many ways, the most important event for any college administration.

It is a day to show off and flaunt the look, feel, and attitude of a school, and describe in detail its great successes, achieved through professors, students and alumni alike.

I myself never really took more than a passing glance at open houses (besides frequently seeing and wading through mobs of tourists on the way to class) after I began my first semester at Seton Hall. Only recently have I realized just how important it is for current students to help out at these events.

Recently, I was asked to attend and assist at an open house, and I happily accepted.

My job was to answer any questions about the SHU criminal justice department that interested visitors had, and I had a lot of fun doing so.

My job was simple. All I had to do was attend the hour-long seminar on what makes Seton Hall University’s criminal justice department (as well as the great College of Arts and Sciences) so apt for those seeking a career in the field.       

Throughout the session, I realized the significance that the families placed on my thoughts and opinions.

It was not that the professor running the seminar did not have excellent information, it is just that the attendees were particularly eager to get a student’s perspective about classes, networking, internships, and other diverse information relating to their fields of interest. In many ways, it was a more personal and relatable series of anecdotes. I feel that in being there, I truly helped to make a difference in the eyes and minds of future students of Seton Hall University.                 

One might question the importance of this open house tale in terms of their own studies and aspirations in a certain field.

My thoughts are this: If you are truly passionate about your field of study, and you believe Seton Hall University has done an excellent job in nurturing your passions, an open house is a great chance to encourage others who are interested in similar studies to your own.

And you will have an excellent opportunity to elicit passion and excitement in young individuals!

Every vocation calls for hard working and eager young men and women, who will succeed and perform well in them. Perhaps, through your stories and sentiments, you can help ensure a continual stream of great recruits at a truly great school.

Perhaps, you can help students become the absolute best they can be, before, during, and beyond their college studies. Who knows, the nervous but eager high school graduate you talk to today, could be your partner in an office or field operations tomorrow!

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, January 24th print edition.

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