Search for Lost Malaysia Air Flight Ends

By Patrick Falk, International News Writer

The arduous search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was discontinued on January 17 to no avail. After three years of searching the Indian Ocean officials ended the search for the missing flight with no new discoveries. To this day it remains one of the greater questionable occurrences in the modern era of aviation.

The investigation of the missing flight cost over $150 million and required an underwater sweep of a 46,000 square mile zone of seabed. Yet investigators were still unable to find anything. The aircraft vanished without a trace leaving many professionals confused. Even the most cutting edge technology was useless when trying to retrace it.

In 2014, the aircraft departed from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing. The initial search was plagued by many false starts, and it was eventually realized the use of ‘satellite pings’ may have yielded searchers false results which may have caused them to be searching in the wrong place for the flight remains. Though there were many mishaps the search continued for years after the flight was lost.

However, the governments in charge of this search recently decided that there is no reason to continue the search unless there was new concrete evidence of the missing plane’s location as new discoveries surrounding the flight had stagnated. Since there is a lack of new information the search has been called off.

From the beginning, this operation of search and rescue was clouded in controversy with the Malaysian government withholding important information from experts on the matter. Hopes of a finding fluctuated frequently and eventually it was clear that the ruins of flight 370 would never be recovered. Some debris washed up on the shores of islands located near the Indian Ocean but that was all that was ever recovered.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, January 24th print edition.

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