Influential Celebrities: Political Activists

By Nicholas Perugini, Trending Writer

Throughout this election cycle, multiple celebrities have expressed their opinions. In the world of social media, it is easy for someone to reach out to millions and express their thoughts, especially celebrities. Every time a new scandal unfolded, celebrities on both sides of the political spectrum went to social media to rile up their fans. Miley Cyrus and Samuel Jackson made statements that they would leave the United States for Canada if Trump became president. The day after the election Cyrus tweeted a video of her crying about the results.

Even after the voting ended, celebrities had much to say. Meryl Streep’s brilliant speech that called out President Trump’s blatant disrespect to disabled individuals aired in front of millions at the Golden Globes. Comedian Rob Schneider tweeted against Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton last month, “It’s true. The Russians may have rigged the election by showing that the Democrats definitely rigged the election.” With all this charged political discussion that celebrities have partaken in the last year and a half, I would say we should not listen to them when it comes to politics, but I changed my mind when I heard what Tom Hanks had to say on this election cycle.

Recently announced as America’s Dad by Vanity Fair and Saturday Night Live, Tom Hanks has brought a level of calmness and understanding during this crazy election season. When talking on CBS about the election cycle, this is what Hanks had to say, “Look, America’s going to be fine. We’re the greatest, most resilient nation…in all of civilization. We’ve worked ourselves out of holes many, many times over and over again.” This level of reassurance and calm attitude was refreshing for many Americans. It was good to see that someone was willing to take a step back from all the craziness of the past year and bring reason back to the national discussion. Unlike most celebrities who tried to enrage their fan bases, Tom Hanks kept a neutral and positive outlook.

Even after Trump’s victory, Tom Hanks had only positive things to say on the future of our country. According to Hollywood Reporter, Hanks whished the best of luck for President Trump and hopes he succeeds as president.

This type of optimism and hope is what America needed during this type of political uncertainty. I am glad there was a person willing to use his influence and fame to keep the American people calm. I hope that in the future more celebrities follow the trend of Tom Hanks and try to keep matters optimistic and hopeful during political discussion.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, January 24th print edition.

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