Tricky “Politican” Trump Swindles His Supporters

By Patrick Barron, Opinion Writer

Well, he did it. President-elect Donald Trump revealed his true colors after he secured the Presidential nomination. He has pulled the classic bait-and-switch maneuver; which shady businessmen often use on unsuspecting customers.

Trump gained supporters by making outlandish promises and after the election, he retracted many of his stances and has replaced them with softer ones. An examination of his most hard-lined policies and his appointments reveals that he is going to be a “politician”: the very kind that his supporters despised.

The truth is, even Trump’s most ardent supporters are confused by his recent moves. They wanted a President who is against the status quo, and I believe some will soon regret their vote. He promised his supporters to “Make America Great Again” with some of his controversial policies, but he has since softened them. Although, I did not support Trump, like many others, I dislike being fooled.

“Drain the swamp!”, Trump and his supporters cried throughout his campaign. “The swamp” being the political establishment “ruining” our country via politicians in Washington, D.C. He said he was going to fix it, and I concede, I want changes too. Also, Trump pushed the change message that American connected with, and it help him win the Presidential election.

Furthermore, his most hardline policies have either been retracted or morphed into something different. For instance, Trump said he was going to repeal the Affordable Care Act (dubbed Obamacare on the campaign trail). However, in an interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes he wanted to keep some provisions, and repeal, but replace it with “something better”. Again, I do not like these shifting positions.

Also, the interview revealed some information about the most controversial Trump proposal – the wall. A highly sensitive issue, it is meant to protect our country’s border from illegal immigrants arriving from Mexico. There are rumors swirling of the wall downsizing into a reinforced fence, which is a significantly toned down alternative from his original grandiose plan. Come on people, we should have known better that a wall was not going to be built.

In addition, some of appointments left his supporters scratching their heads. For instance, former Governor of Massachusetts and the 2012 Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney was at one point in consideration to become the Secretary of State. One of Trump’s biggest critics in the Republican Party can join his team… imagine that.

Even some people currently in Trump’s camp, such as his former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, denounced that possibility. According to The Washington Post, she says of Mitt Romney that, “He went out of his way to hurt Donald Trump.” My reaction? I thought Trump was going to “Drain the Swamp”, so explain how a Romney appointment helps that case?

And Trump’s pick for Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, is a former executive at Goldman Sacs, a multi-millionaire! How can a Wall Street guy relate to the average American? According to the Huffington Post, Democratic senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio had this to say, “This isn’t draining the swamp — it’s stocking it with alligators.” Trump supporters, of course, may say I am too critical. However, I must remind you of the facts; Trump is the President-elect, a politician. I will critique him when necessary.

So admit it, chances are if you were a Trump supporter, you were duped. You bought into his grandiose promises, and loved his tough talk critical of the status quo. Welcome to the club, if you decide become objective, getting your head out the clouds. What will you do: roll with the brutal punches, or denounce his proposed changes?

Trump has hurt himself by practically winning the Presidential campaign on his own terms. He needs people in his cabinet and he has turned to many individuals who are ingrained in the political system. Some actions make politicians culpable, and maybe now, he understands politics. Is he for the people I ask? His actions thus so far prove otherwise.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, December 10th print edition.

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