1. Reconnect with former classmates, managers or colleagues by getting out some holiday cards.  Send a card to past internship supervisors, professors and friends who graduated in prior years.  An actual card sent the old fashioned way is a great way to stay connected and make an impression.

2. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile. Book an appointment to have both reviewed when you get back to campus by calling 973-761-9355.

3. Apply to at least 5 spring or summer internships.  Take a break and apply to 5 more.  Find opportunities on Navigator,,, LinkedIn, or other search aggregators (for a full list of search aggregators, go to the Career Center page in Pirate Net and click on ‘External career and job search websites).

4. Identify 5 companies you’d really like to work for either full-time or as an intern.  It’s always good to have a target list to let people know what/where you’re looking.  It helps them think about people they know at those companies that they can refer you to.

5. Check company websites to see what type of openings they have.  Check out their mission statement to get a sense of company culture and values.  Go to to check out company reviews.

6. Practice your pitch on a few relatives or friends to get some feedback on your content and presentation.

7. Go to the Career Center page in Pirate Net and use Career Shift, Navigator and LinkedIn to find connections at target companies.  Find SHU alums (Go PIRATES!) at those companies, connect with them on LinkedIn and see if you can schedule a holiday networking meeting to get some advice about your search, the industry or that company.

8. Schedule some network meetings – the holidays are a great time to network as people tend to be ‘in the holiday spirit’.  Remember that networking is a more informal process focusing on making connections, seeking advice and gathering information about a company or field.

9. Kick back and enjoy some videos on Candid Careers (back to the Career Center page in Pirate Net).  Watch 2 – 3 minute videos and hear from professionals in the field to gather information for your network meetings.  While you’re at it, check out their videos on how to create an elevator pitch.

10. Volunteer at a toy drive, soup kitchen or community event – it will make you feel great to give back and you might make some new connections.

Have a great holiday!

We look forward to supporting you as you continue your career adventure in 2017!

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