Students Participate in the College Fed Challenge

By Amanda Sulkosky,
Stillman News Writer

Walking down Wall Street, dressed in business formal, is a usual scene for many bankers and other business professionals. However, four of our own were able to experience the same thing recently.

On November 3, 2016, Andre Bakhos, Cedric Kabore, Matthew Radman, and Anthony Tokarz were a part of a competition entitled the College Fed Challenge.

This competition enables students to take a look at real-world economics and transfer what they learned in the classroom into a report that they present to a judging panel.

This panel consists of New York Fed economists and staff who are experts on economics and monetary policy.

The team began when Anthony Tokarz came to Seton Hall University and realized that the university no longer had a team to compete in the challenge.

He talked to Dr. Kurt Rotthoff and asked where he should begin to start a team again. Tokarz found the advisor for his team, Professor Tracey Johnston, and hit the ground running.

With the help of his advisor and other people in his Seton Hall network, he hand-picked his teammates.

With the team intact, they began to get to work.

They prepared a presentation discussing economic indicators such as unemployment, labor market efficiency, worker productivity, demographics of the population, GDP, and inflation.

The team used these tools to draw a conclusion of the overall state of the economy and ultimately presented a decision on what policy proposals to implement in order to strengthen the economy.

On November 3, the team arrived at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and took in their surroundings.

The team was a part of the Liberty Street section of the competition, which is more experienced and competitive as opposed to Maiden Lane section.

Some of their competition included teams from Rutgers University New Brunswick, Columbia University, and Mercy College.

While the team did not make it into the semi-finals this year, it was a great start.

The presentation itself went very well, but with no established history of the competition and having a very young team, which consisted of three freshman and one sophomore, it would have been extremely difficult to go very far.

For next year, there are high hopes with the learning experiences from this past competition that next year will be a great chance for success.

If you are an underclassmen and are interested in competing in the College Fed Challenge, please contact Anthony Tokarz at

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, December 13th print edition.

Contact Amanda at


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