Letter from the Editors

Dear Fellow Students,
As seniors, you can expect that over the course of our almost four years at Seton Hall, we have learned a few things that we definitely wish we had known sooner. So as you freshmen begin to figure out college, you sophomores begin to think about your future career, and you juniors and seniors continue panicking about your future, this is our letter to you all, hoping that you will heed our advice, as seniors who have “been there and done that.”
Freshmen and sophomores—you are never too young to begin applying to internships. Check Navigator often, and apply when possible! It can’t hurt. Also, go to networking events. Building relationships early is important. Keep an eye out for “leadership” or “development” programs, check out your college’s website, and/or reach out to your department chair to find out about scholarship opportunities
Juniors—(see previous advice). Also, keep all of your options open. Not sure if you want to pursue a graduate degree or begin work right out of college? Consider both options. Or other options. Consider everything. You’ll regret it if you end up forgoing a route simply because you didn’t look into it.
Seniors (see all previous advice). And don’t panic. Life is too short to waste time on worrying. Simply get out there and “do!” Apply for internships, scholarships, and grad school—whatever you are interested in. Don’t simply assume that something is out of your reach. E-mail recruiters and program directors. Good relationships there never hurt your chances of success.
And always, always thank your professors for their help in getting you to wherever you end up. They really appreciate it when you take the time to consider the effort they have put into helping you to get where you are.

Have a wonderful rest of the year!


Dominique and Leigha
Co-Executive Editors


A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 22nd print edition.


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