Leadership Students Participate in American Heart Association Fundraiser

By Amanda Sulkosky,
Stillman News Writer

Imagine walking with a group of people for one cause. Everyone is smiling, talking about the person who they are walking for. At the end of the walk, volunteers are cheering on the people coming up to the finish line. This was how the American Heart Association Walk was on October 23. Seton Hall University is involved with the American Heart Association to help support those who are in need. They are also a part of the Investors Bank University Challenge.

For the past five years, Seton Hall has won this challenge and are hoping to do so again by setting a $12,000 goal. In order to reach this goal, a team of Seton Hall students have been working together.

Burak Eraslan and Samantha Seitz, both sophomores, led the effort with help from various organizations such as the Servant Leadership Initiative within the Gerald P. Buccino ’63 Center for Leadership Development.

The fundraising occurred from October 2 through October 21. Students from the Leadership Program walked into town to explain what the American Heart Association is and how donating would benefit such a great cause.

While the final amount has not yet been determined, participants anticipate that the goal of $12,000 will be surpassed.

The American Heart Association held a walk on October 23 to help raise awareness for cardiovascular disease and stroke. Seton Hall University had multiple teams, including Leadership and Alpha Chi Rho, who helped promote physical activity to build healthier lives. This was done by both participating in the walk and by volunteering to ensure the event ran smoothly.

At the walk, there were tents set up with various things to do. One tent had drinks and food and another had some physical activities to partake in. The activities included throwing and catching a tennis ball it with one hand, buttoning a dress shirt with one hand, and hula hooping. There was also a main stage where many people talked about how beneficial the American Heart Association is and how thankful they are to everyone who came out and participated. Throughout the event, there were many people sharing different stories, and there was an overall sense of unity.

Carla Santos, a student who attended the walk, noted that, “It was impressive that so many college kids woke up early and were dedicated to helping others.”

This speaks volumes of not just how much the American Heart Association’s hard work has affected so many, but also how dedicated so many are to helping a great cause.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 8th print edition.

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