Maduro Meets with Venezuelan Opposition

By Patrick Falk, International News Writer

Talks between Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, and government opposition leaders are scheduled to continue on November 11. The talks, as with previous talks between the two parties, will be mediated by the Vatican.

Recent talks between the opposition and President Maduro of Venezuela led to the release of five Venezuelan opposition politicians.

The opposition parties take issue with President Maduro’s handling of the current economic and political crisis that is plagueing the country.

The talks were initiated to address charges that had been brought against activists and leaders who oppose the government.

Charges brought against opposition members range from carrying explosives to posing an impediment to Venezuela armed forces morale.

After the first phase of these talks charges against five inidividuals were dropped by the government. The five individuals released include the leader of the Progressive Advance movement, Carlos Melo. Also released were political allies Andres Leon, Angel Coromoto Rodriguez, and Marco Trejo.

The release happened hours after talks between President Maduro and opposition leaders commenced.

In addition to the envoy from the Vatican, many other high ranking political figures were present at these talks. Former leaders of Spain, Dominican Republic and Panama also weighed in and lent their leadership to the discussion.

The Venezuela government and the opposition have agreed to formulate four working groups in which discussions will be held to further discuss the economic and political issues facing the country. Specific working groups include those to implement ‘confidence building measures’ as well as methods to mitigate Venezuela’s economic issues.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, November 8th print edition.

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