Student Horror Stories

True stories of student

experiences gone horribly wrong.

I once looked at an ad so scary I couldn’t go to the haunted house. Now that’s what you call good advertising…I guess.

             Too Many Horror Movies

For my last interview, I had to do a case study with one of the hiring managers at the company I was looking to work at. I got really nervous and ended up throwing up in the trash can he had by the desk. I don’t expect to be called back for a second round of interviews.

            Scared and Sick

I was on my way to my internship interview when all of a sudden, I looked down and realized that my pants were ripped in the upper thigh area. I spent the entire interview with my folder over my lap, hoping the interview wouldn’t notice.

                 Ripped in the worst way

If you would like to see your

“horror story” featured in

The Stillman Exchange, please feel free to contact either of the

Executive Editors:

Dominique Fortes

Leigha Wentz

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, October 25th print edition.


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