Donald Trump: The Magnificent and Infallible

By Dhara Patel, Opinion Writer

The one man that has been dominating the news for the past year is the great Donald Trump.

There are really two ways one can feel about Trump, one can either hate him or love him deeply. Millions of people are baffled as to how someone could ever support Trump.

However, the answer is quite obvious; Trump is The Man. How can any other candidate run against him?

Trump is so honest that he puts Honest Abe to shame. In surveys, Trump supporters bellowed out how brutally honest Trump is.

Several months ago, he took the media by a storm by not disavowing David Duke, leader of the KKK. Many critics bashed him for not condemning Duke’s support, but one cannot blame Trump: It was the faulty earpiece!

Not to mention, Trump even said that he does not know anything about white supremacists, so logically it would make sense that he does not know who David Duke is, even if he did mention Duke during an interview in 2000.

Maybe Duke’s name just slipped Trump’s mind; it’s not like his father was arrested for supporting the KKK in the 1920s.

It is safe to say that it must have been the faulty earpiece. Ironically, during the first presidential debate on September 26, 2016, Trump’s microphone was faulty. Such a shame that even the tech workers are not giving Trump the fair chance that he deserves.

Not only does Trump exhibit honesty, he also blesses America with his profound intelligence.

His supporters are quick to say that he is a successful businessman with keen leadership skills: they are not wrong. With just a tiny loan of a million dollars from his father, Trump built an empire.

Trump has been involved in many projects such as Trump Vodka, Trump Casinos, Trump Magazine, Trump Steaks, Trump Airline, and many more.

It is extremely easy to see how Trump is efficacious, albeit all of those schemes failed.

Nevertheless, those broken, non-lucrative ventures prove Trump is a zealous risk taker. Trump stated that he has followed every bankruptcy law and does his businesses faithfully.

Thus, he has never been in debt and never claimed bankruptcy four times; that would be implausible since Trump can never lie to us. According to NY Times, in his 1995 taxes, he lost around $916 million dollars.

With that, he could have managed to escape paying federal taxes for almost twenty years… that makes him smart. Trump’s ingenuity and vigorous business skills are abilities that America is so desperately in need of.

Let’s not even discuss Trumps utter reverence towards women. He definitely did not challenge the media to find a non-existent sex tape of the former Miss. Universe.

Women across the nation agreed with Trump shaming Miss. Universe about her weight; Trump was just concerned about her health. Trump is truly magnanimous, that women do not mind that he gropes them. He is famous after all. Women just flock to him with open legs.

All in all, it is a shame to hear all the invalid gossip surrounding Trump’s magnanimous achievements.

To all those haters that call him a liar, Trump is honest and proves it in every debate and speech.

Sure, he has a few blunders, but none of those failures are his fault: people are always out to get Sir Trump.

Donald Trump is going to do what no other president has ever accomplished: Trump will make America great again. Fellow American citizens, get ready for the magnificent wall that is soon to come. Mexico will obviously be paying for it.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, October 25th print edition.

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