Ask the Graduate Advisor

Q: How do I know if I need a graduate degree?

A: This is a tough question that only you can answer with a lot of introspective thought.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself in-order to be able to know when or whether you need a graduate degree are:

– What are my career goals?

– What is my timeline for meeting those career goals?

– Do my career goals require a graduate degree?

– Am I in the career I want to be in for the next 10 or so years?

– How will I pay for graduate school?

– How will I pay for graduate school?

– If you are employed, what is your employer’s tuition assistance program.

– If you are not employed or your employer does not pay for graduate education, you will need to find out whether you qualify for student loans.

Once you are able to answer these questions the next thing you should do is decided which graduate school is the best choice for you.  Things to think about are:

– Am I willing to relocate for graduate school?

– If not, begin the search of schools in your area that meet the academic goals needed to fulfill your career goals.

– I would advise, that you try not to settle for a program because it is cheaper, less credits or closer to home.  – Select the program that can give you career the best growth potential.

– How far am I willing to travel for graduate school?

– How far am I willing to travel for graduate school?

– Within my travel range, what schools meet the criteria for my career goals?

– Do I want to be part-time or full-time?

Request an interview and ask questions.  Make your decision yet understand that your learning should never stop.

Good luck with your search!  Please reach out to Graduate Admissions at 973-761-9262, to discuss any of these questions.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, October 25th print edition.


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