Our Candidates: Trump on a Lighter Note

By Anonymous, Trending Writer

When a proponent of Donald J. Trump’s candidacy for president boasts his strengths, two major points are often presented. First, Trump has spent his life as a businessman and he has a lot of worth to his name. Second, the Republican nominee has run a campaign based on toughness, taking a “no nonsense” approach to many issues. The candidate himself has said that, “America First will be the major and overriding theme of my administration.”

When a government absorbs tax money into inefficient uses, it is logical for one to look for change. In an economy that is growing, but slower than its potential, Trump plans to implement a tax plan that would promote domestic business instead of inhibiting its powers. According to his campaign website, the proposed plan “will lead to millions of jobs created and unbridled economic growth.” The tax rates will lower for almost every income bracket of Americans and business taxes would lower up to twenty percentage points. The purpose of the reduced taxes is to encourage American business growth and investment, instead of having business operate in foreign countries.

Domestic growth and investment is a crucial part of Trump’s plan to revive our economy. He opposes many of our current trade agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the North American Free Trade Agreement. Should the Republican nominee be elected president, he plans to ensure that every trade agreement “increases our GDP growth rate, reduces our trade deficit, and strengthens our manufacturing base.”

Ensuring that our agreements are negotiated powerfully and in America’s best interests is part of Donald Trump’s second key cog to winning his support for presidency. The iconic candidate vows to handle all of his business without worry of saying what the public wants or expects to necessarily hear. The campaign has been run on the aspect of doing what needs to be done, without concern for offending those who disagree. The famous rhetoric about building a wall and having Mexico pay for it was the first time our nation heard this, however it runs much deeper in the proposed policies. According to the campaign website, “Peace through strength will be at the center of our foreign policy.”

To strengthen our foreign policy, thus bettering our sovereignty as a world power, Trump plans to work using strength, with the vision of America coming first. Under a Donald Trump administration, we will gain back worldwide financial independence by not exhausting our resources on countries that do not benefit our nation. Furthering that, the candidate assures that our allies will begin to pay their fair share of contribution to worldwide peace and safety. These steps will be necessary to regaining strength and respect as a worldwide force once again.

A Donald Trump candidacy comes with the notion that being a political outsider, yet a business expert, can bring a simplified, no nonsense approach to this presidency. His aim is to get right to the point by identifying the problem and resolving it. Trump runs with tax and foreign policy reform at the center of his platform, seeing that it would boost the United States’ worldwide presence, and improve life on our own territory.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, October 25th print edition.

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