Our Candidates: Clinton The Dark Side

By Tristan Miller-Lammert, Trending Writer

The election is coming closer and most people in this country seem concerned about the results. On one hand you have Democrat Hillary Clinton and on the other, Republican Donald Trump. Both have made this election a pretty wild event with their backgrounds, secrets, and personalities. To be fair though, there are significant concerns with either potential presidency.

Some very obvious things stand out about Hillary as a candidate. Whether or not you are tired of hearing about it, her e-mail scandal is a real concern. Her use of a private e-mail to handle classified information shows a real lack of judgement and recent Wiki-leaks make her seem even shadier. On top of that, other issues include a hawkish approach to foreign policy and a lack of understanding of the U.S. Constitution.

Hillary was quoted in September 2016 as saying that she wants to, “maintain a cutting-edge military… be firm but wise with our rivals,” and defeat ISIS. A well known problem with U.S. foreign policy during the last Bush administration was that it was aggressive and caused a lot of backlash especially in the Middle East. If Hillary wants to continue this trend, her presidency could make relations with other countries worse.

Then, there’s the more subtle aspect to Clinton’s dark side. A recent Wall Street Journal article points out some shortcomings from her last debate. When asked about the role of the court system, she said, “The Supreme Court should represent all of us. The kind of people that I would nominate to the court would stand up to the powerful.”

The article points out that the law is supposed to protect everyone including the powerful and that it protects individual rights, not Clinton’s abstract idea of “the people”.

Although standing up to powerful people sounds good on paper, a president who does not understand the Constitution and how it protects individuals may not be the best choice for Washington. The article goes on to mention her opposition to Citizens United, a decision which allows political interest groups to criticize politicians. Clinton’s opposition is an attack on free speech and the First Amendment.

Lastly, there’s the recent WikiLeaks release which includes evidence that Hillary Clinton and the State Department were arming Islamic Jihadists in Syria years ago. The e-mails reveal her involvement in overthrowing the Gaddafi regime in Libya, which led to weapon flows to Syria and the occupation of territory by ISIS, all of which her administration supported.

Regardless of who you support, there are objectively good and bad things about both candidates. Trump has made himself a laughing stock, while Hillary’s ideas and dark past could also negatively affect her trustworthiness.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, October 25th print edition.

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