Michael Cappelluti Releases Second Album, “None of This Will Matter in a Year”

By Andrew Aguilera,
Stillman News Editor


On September 6, 2016 Stillman sophomore Michael Cappelluti released his second album exclusively on SoundCloud. He completed the release with a show debuting the album on September 30 in the Pirate’s Cove with the Student Activities Board serving as sponsors.

This new album is a collection of songs that he has written over the years. Some of the songs were brand new, whereas some were written three years ago and polished up slightly. According to Cappelluti, the album is “extremely raw sounding”, mostly because the majority of it was recorded in his Aquinas Hall dorm room.

When asked about recording in his room, Cappelluti responded jokingly, “It was certainly not easy – especially since I did not want to be the Resident Assistant who disregarded quiet hours”.

This album was created just seven months after his first album “Hurricane”, so it was definitely a busy time for Cappelluti. Upon the release of “Hurricane” in February, he played a number of local shows supporting the record, and eventually toured nationally over the summer. Finding the time to create the new album was therefore a significant challenge for him. The album is a large milestone for Cappelluti because it has been an excellent learning experience.

“I now have a general idea of what I sound like as an artist and I came to the realization that I am at a point in my young career where I can afford to take a step back and absorb everything around me,” Cappelluti said.

As a result, he is ready to continue learning about himself as a musician, writer, and person – even if that means taking a break for a couple of months and taking in the influences of his peers’ work, as well as recognized artists.

In regards to improving, he said that his “songs are becoming more mature, but [he] needs to work on quite a few things.”

There is no doubt that Cappelluti is confident that we will improve in the future. For Cappelluti, the title of the album holds a lot of significance. While a lot of people likely interpret it as a self-deprecating description of the songs on the album, it is a lot more than that. The name ‘None of This Will Matter in a Year’ stems from the acknowledgement that he will someday grow as a person/artist, and look back on the album scratching his head saying “What was I thinking?” (specifically songs such as Lonely is the World, Up Reprise, and Two, which serve more as transitions than songs).

Cappelluti said, “One of these days, some musical influence will sway me to redefine my sound—rather than fearing this point, I look forward to it.”

The title is also a bit of a dig on some bad friendships/relationships/arguments that he has had over the years. He believes that everything works out in the end, and in the heat of the moment that is not an easy thing to remember.

He added, “While it is true that these events and people ‘matter’, overcoming a negative situation always results in a positive. The negative is usually what ends up not mattering.”
As far as where Cappelluti is going from here, he is not quite sure. He is still learning more about himself and is looking forward to seeing where this all takes him. His next album could be in three months, but it could also be in three years. There is one thing that is certain: his next album will certainly be something he is proud of, and something that means a lot to him. For him, music has never been about making money or getting recognition, but more so an outlet for expression. Since the start, he has always expressed his gratitude to those that follow his journey.

His goal is to “write something [he is] proud of, and something with special meaning to [him].”

In the meantime, Cappelluti looks forward to maintaining a presence in the music community on campus as President of P.O.E.T.I.C.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, October 25th print edition.

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