Amazon Patents New Drone Device Technology

By Tamanna Desai
Technology & Innovation Editor

Amazon has yet again patented a device that will alter daily life for everyone including ordinary consumers, corporations and government agencies. They have created the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) that has the ability to listen to voice commands either from a human or from an app.

According to the original patent says, “The UAV may be used, for example, to record information from a perspective different than the user’s perspective, scout dangerous situations, or locate/retrieve items for the user, among other possible tasks.”
This new device which is attached to the drones that Amazon has been sending out for deliveries, show that Amazon is definitely thinking outside of the box when it comes to drone usage. The UAV technology will definitely help not only ordinary consumers, but also police and firefighters. It will help the police with car chases, accidents and heavy traffic. It also has the ability to find missing children by any RFID or bar codes and even face recognition.

Amazon is also thinking about attaching this kind of technology to other vehicles and possibly even aircrafts. Hence, they are looking to make the UAV as tiny and compact as possible. Therefore, Amazon is spending much of its research and development into the UAV technology and has already seen the benefits and profits.

Since Amazon has only released the patent, the device itself will not be out for a few years and regulations on drone device are still being created. To imagine a world where everyone has a pocket sized drone on their person is pretty neat and it seems like Amazon is the leading company that is making strides on this technology.

It will be interesting to watch as the drone technology gains popularity once the device is in hte hands of the public and perhaps Amazon might even have a monopoly on the unmanned aerial vehicle if other companies do not step up their game quick enough.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, October 25th print edition.

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