Protests Against Mugabe Continue

By Madeleine Hillyer, International New Editor

Young Zimbabweans have started a protest movement against President Robert Mugabe, who has ruled the African country since its founding in 1980. During the 92-year-old’s 36-year tenure, he has served as both prime minister and president, both of which gave him near complete control of the country.

According to CNN, activist and leader, Hardlife Mzingbu has said his generation has united to find themselves a better future, “These are young people, across the political divide, across creeds, across social divisions in the country, who have met and resolved they have to fulfill our generational mandate.”

While the movement has been building for months, it was given new breath with a recent Harare court ruling that repealed a two-week ban on protests, which had been put in place after a few anti-Mugabe protests turned violent, as was reported by AFP.

The movement was born and sustained through social media, allowing it to flourish even under Mugabe’s strict authoritarian rule notorious for crushing dissent through police and military violence. With no clear leader to take down, the military and state police are unable to stifle the voices of protestors through arrests and disappearances, which had previously been the country’s practice.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, September 27th print edition.

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