Student Horror Stories

True stories of internship

experiences gone horribly wrong.

Earlier this year, I had an early morning interview out of town. I had a thermos with the remains of my morning coffee and desperately needed some water. The nearest water fountain was right in front of the office where I would be interviewed and I decided to be ‘smart’ and fill up my thermos before the interview. Unfortunately, the lid stuck. I kept trying to pull it off until, finally, it flew off just as the door opened and the interviewer called me in. We both watched my lid do a spectacular flip, spraying drops of cold coffee onto the carpet before it rolled to a stop at the interviewer’s feet. The interview did not get any better after that.

                I Need More Coffee

I always thought that you had your orientation before you had your first day at work. Unfortunately for me, my last internship did not work that way. I was at home two days before my orientation when I got a call from my boss asking where I was. Turns out, they expected me to start work before the orientation date, and I had just missed my first day at work.

                – First Day Blues

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, September 27th print edition.


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