Los Angeles Emerging As Front-Runner to Host 2024 Summer Olympics

By Matthew Bagdat,
Sports Business Editor

As the 2016 Summer Olympic Games have recently come to a close, the Olympic committee has shifted its focus to organizing its upcoming events. A major project that the committee must complete is finding the right city to host its future games, particularly for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Most recently, the Summer Olympics were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the upcoming summer games in 2020 will take place in Tokyo, Japan. A list narrowing down the top 5 cities in contention was announced on September 15, 2015. The cities found in the list were: Los Angeles, California; Rome, Italy; Paris, France; Budapest, Hungary; and Hamburg, Germany.

After Boston was not receiving much support from its local residents, Los Angeles was entered into the pool of potential hosts. Despite being entered rather late, the city has emerged as a frontrunner to be the host of the 2024 games. Los Angeles previously hosted the games in 1932 and 1984. The city recently added three venues to their bid, in an effort to spend less money on building new infrastructure. One of the biggest issues host cities face is the inability to pay for the construction necessary to accommodate all of the events, participants, and tourists. Los Angeles has plenty of venues available, as there are multiple professional and collegiate sports complexes located within a short distance. The athletes would be staying at the University of California, Los Angeles campus. The chairman of the committee for Los Angeles, Casey Wasserman, was quoted as saying “We’re very pleased to add more world-class existing venues to our fiscally responsible and innovative Games Plan for 2024.”

The addition of more already-established infrastructure to their bid has certainly helped Los Angeles’ chances of hosting the Olympics. Another major factor is one of its major competitors, Rome has dropped out of the running.

The new mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, made the decision to pull the city’s bid on Wednesday. A big reason behind this decision was financial concerns, as the city of Rome has been struggling greatly of late. Hosting the Olympics is no small task, as last summer’s games cost Brazil $12 billion. While it was expected to be very profitable for the Brazilian economy, the actual results were far from stellar.

As a result, there are only three cities left in the running: Los Angeles, Paris, and Budapest. Among the three, Los Angeles has certainly emerged as a frontrunner due to its preparation very early on. The Olympics have not been hosted in the United States since they were in Atlanta in 1996. If Los Angeles were to win the bid, it would certainly be interesting to see.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, September 27th print edition.

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