The Stillman Exchange Announces New Changes for a New Year

By Dominique Fortes and Leigha Wentz,
Executive Editors

On behalf of the Stillman Exchange, we are very excited to announce the debut of two new sections: Opinion and The Career Corner.

Opinion joins Technology and Innovations as one of our newest sections. Opinion strives to provide an open forum for students to express their views on the latest developments around the world. This section covers a wide variety of topics from market analyses to video games to the European refugee crisis.

Already known to students as a feature of the Stillman News section, the Career Corner has now been expanded to a full page and offers students the opportunity to improve their interviewing and internship skills.

Students will also have the opportunity to submit questions to Career Center advisors and professors as well as read bi-weekly installments on embarrassing interview and employment anecdotes. In addition, the Career Corner will provide information on the latest events hosted by the Career Center, including career fairs and networking events that allow students to meet up with industry professionals and potential employers.

Throughout this year, the Stillman Exchange will be working to expand the paper’s online presence via Facebook and Twitter. Under the leadership of our new Public Relations Manager, Tamanna Desai, the Stillman Exchange will work on providing live updates on major news developments between issues, and will inform readers of upcoming events and developments.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, September 13th print edition.

Contact Dominique and Leigha at and


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